• STAAR test scores

  • Parents can access their child’s STAAR results and a suite of other resources to support summer learning at home by visiting TexasAssessment.gov. Parents can click on the Log in to Student Portal link (in the "red" box) and enter the child's access code and date of birth to go to the test history page.

    The access code can be found on the bottom of any of the confidential student reports. Don't have your child's access code? Click on "Look Up Access Code". This allows you to put in the child's First Name, PEIMS ID (Social Security Number - do not include hyphens), and Date of Birth to bring up the access code according to the schedule below. The goal is to allow parents easier/quicker access to their child's testing information.

2018 Test Results Schedule

  • The following results are now available on the student portal:

    • TELPAS 
    • TELPAS Alternate 
    • May Gr 5, 8 Math & Reading Retest 
    • June Gr 5, 8 Math & Reading Retest 
    • STAAR 3-8 
    • Apr STAAR 5/8 Math & Reading 
    • STAAR Alt 2 
    • June STAAR EOC 
    • Spring STAAR EOC 
    • December STAAR EOC


    April 30 - April STAAR Math/Reading
    Grades 5 and 8

    May 17 - April STAAR Alternate 2
    Grades 3-12

    May 24 - Spring TELPAS  
    Grades K-12

    May 30 - Spring STAAR End of Course (EOC)
    Grades 9-12 and Grade 8 Algebra I

    June 5 - May STAAR Math/Reading Retest
    Grades 5 and 8

    June 12 - Spring STAAR  
    Grades 3-8

    July 17 - June STAAR Math/Reading Retest
    Grades 5 and

    July 29 - June STAAR End of Course (EOC)
    Grades 9-12

    August 5 - TELPAS Alternate
    Grades 2-12

  • How to access scores

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