3D Animation

Animation 1 Sample2
  • Animation 1 With Lab - HT2C10Y2 - It is a 2 Credit-Year-long Course

    • Careers in Animation span all aspects of motion graphics and design. Students will gain an understanding of the simulation and animation software industry and how it interacts with other industries. They will also learn basic scripting, visual design principles, and animation methods used in animation technology. The first year of this course prepares students to develop 3D animation, environments, characters, and interactive videos.

    Animation 2 With Lab - HT3C10Y2 - It is a 2 Credit-Year-long Course

    • This course expands upon the first year of Animation, introducing the students to advanced Animation techniques. Emphasis is placed on proper modeling techniques, low polygon count models and environments, lighting, materials, and texturing. Students will learn camera and lighting techniques and how animation applies to various industries (video games, movie, etc.).


    A student in this Program of Study may earn an industry-recognized certification.

    Program Specific Certifications

    • Autodesk® Maya®

    Program Optional Certifications

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator

    For more information please see your CTE Counselor.