• Student Transfers

    EPISD looks forward to working with your child. We are an “Open Enrollment” district, which means we accept students to our schools any time during the year. 


    Students New to EPISD - Not Currently Enrolled

    • If you were not enrolled in EPISD during the current school year,  please click here. You will be notified by email when your transfer is complete.  Contact Student and Parent Services at 915-230-2080 or email transfers@episd.org if you have questions. 


    Currently Enrolled Students

    • If you are a current EPISD student and are transferring to another campus, click here to submit an electronic transfer.  
    • When you receive the approved transfer email, please be sure to send a signed written request to withdraw your student from the current enrolled campus.  Once you complete online registration, please be sure to go to step 5 on the registration page to book an appointment to complete registration.    



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