Clerical Pay Schedule

  • 2020 - 2021 Salary Schedule - Clerical

    Hourly employees will receive at least the minimum rate of the appropriate pay grade.


    Clerical / Paraprofessional Positions listed by Pay Level

    Approved by Board of Trustees, May 19, 2020

    Pay Level 301

    Campus Monitor ES
    Office Asst Campus
    Parent Engagement Liaison
    Traffic Monitor

    Pay Level 302

    Campus Clerk
    Campus Clerk/Parent Engagement Liaison

    Pay Level 303

    Campus Clerk Adult Learning
    Clerk I Bookroom HS
    Clerk I Bookroom MS
    Clerk I LPAC
    Department Clerk - Health Services
    Department Clerk I
    Maintenance Dispatcher
    Military Family Liaison
    Receptionist -Ed Center
    Registrar Asst

    Pay Level 304

    Attendance Clerk ES
    Attendance Clerk HS
    Attendance Clerk MS
    Attendance/Bookroom TMECH
    Clerk II CTE Endorsement Support
    Clerk II SEMS
    Clerk II SNAC
    Clerk II Workers Compensation
    Customer Service Representative
    Department Clerk II
    Department Clerk III
    Registrar/PEIMS HS
    Secretary, Adult Learning
    Secretary, Asst Director
    Senior SERS Clerk
    Service Records Specialist
    Sr Clerk Attendance
    Sr Clerk Transfers-Guardianships & Sped
    Transcript Coordinator ES/MS

    Pay Level 305

    Accounting Clerk HS -Title I Entitlement
    Accounts Payable Clerk
    Data Management Specialist
    HR Communications Specialist
    HR Imaging/Records Specialist
    HR Specialist
    HS Transcripts Coordinator
    Medicaid Clerk Special Education
    Migrant Services Recruiter/Specialist
    PEIMS Clerk 9th Grade Center
    PEIMS Clerk ES
    PEIMS Clerk HS
    PEIMS Clerk HS/MS
    PEIMS Clerk MS
    PEIMS/Attendance Clerk
    Purchasing Clerk CNP
    Registrar 9TH Grade Center
    Registrar MS
    Registrar/PEIMS HS
    Registrar/PEIMS/Attendance Clerk CCTA
    Registrar/PEIMS/Attendance Clerk DAEP
    Secretary, Construction
    Secretary, LLR
    Secretary, Principal ES
    Secretary, Print Shop Manager
    Secretary, Special Programs
    Senior Clerk
    Senior Clerk Attendance HS

    Pay Level 306

    Accounting Clerk
    Benefits Specialist
    Campus Business Agent HS
    Customer Service Spec Alpha Initiative
    Data Management Supervisor Discipline
    HR Lead Customer Service Representative
    Lead LPAC Clerk
    Lead PEIMS Clerk
    Payroll Deductions Clerk
    PEIMS Clerk
    Registrar, HS
    Secretary, 9th Grade Center
    Secretary, Chief of Police
    Secretary, Director
    Secretary, Division
    Secretary, Principal MS
    Secretary, Principal/Business Agent
    Secretary, Superintendent
    Senior Attendance Clerk
    SNAC Coordinator
    Travel Specialist

    Pay Level 307

    Accounting Coordinator
    Employee Relations Asst
    Lead Registrar
    Office Manager
    Purchasing Specialist
    Secretary, Administrative
    Secretary, Executive Director
    Secretary, Principal HS
    Senior Payroll Clerk
    Staffing Asst
    Treasury Specialist
    Workers Compensation Coordinator

    Pay Level 308

    Benefits Coordinator
    Executive Assistant
    Professional Staffing Assistant
    Substitute Coordinator

    Pay Level 309

    Para Legal

    Pay Level 310

    Executive Assistant, Superintendent