Gifted Program Options - Middle School

  • The El Paso Independent School District provides program options throughout the district that reinforce the strengths, needs, and interests of gifted and talented students. Curriculum and instruction are differentiated by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program.


    (offered at all middle school campuses)

    The Humanities program is built around the examination of universal themes and integrates the study of history, literature, writing, and the fine arts. The curriculum is aligned to the state standards and delivered using Dr. Sandra Kaplan’s Model of Depth and Complexity through the National Association for Gifted Children’s Parallel Curriculum. Features of the program include the use of technology and the development of professional quality products and presentations.


    Science Technology

    (offered at all middle school campuses)

    The Science Technology program focuses on the state and national science standards through the Kaplan Model of Depth and Complexity and the National Association for Gifted Children’s Parallel Curriculum. Hands-on experiences and inquiry-based labs prepare students for advanced-level high school science courses. Appropriate instructional strategies and computer technology promote the use of independent inquiry processes to solve complex scientific problems.


    GT Advanced Math

    (offered at all middle school campuses)

    GT middle school math courses are accelerated beginning in 6th grade, providing differentiation through depth and complexity and opportunities for students to develop advanced-level math products and presentations. The students will complete Algebra 1 in 8th grade. Four years of math TEKS are compressed into three years of instruction to ensure all math standards are learned conceptually. A strong foundation for the rigorous study of mathematics at the high school and college levels is established.

    Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos Magnet

    (offered at Mesita, Wiggs, El Paso High)

    This gifted and talented dual language immersion magnet program integrates second language acquisition and gifted and talented strategies. Gifted English Language Learners and gifted Spanish Language Learners are served with the goals of achieving high academic excellence and dual language proficiency.