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    It is not necessary to create a new account every year. If you have registered your child previously, continue to use the same account for registration every school year. If you forgot your password and/or user name, do not create a new account, please contact your child's school. 

    STEP 1 Click on the button to register online
    STEP 2  Don’t have a computer? No problem!*
    All of our schools have labs or laptops that you can use to register online. No need to visit the campus unless you need a wifi connection. 

    STEP 3 Please contact your school if you need help
    Click here for school directory

    STEP 4 Submit documents.
    All required documents: Immunization Record and Proof of Residence (gas, water or electric bill) may be submitted online.  Returning students must have proof of residence either uploaded, emailed, or faxed to the campus. 

    STEP 5 Click here to make an appointment.
    Online registration must be completed and all documents uploaded prior to making an appointment. Campus visits will be kept to a minimum and appointments must be made.  New students must complete the enrollment process with the registrar prior to making an appointment with the counselor.  Returning students do not need to book an appointment with the registrar.  Appointments with the counselor only need to be made if you have a particular situation to discuss with the counselor.  


    • Going to a different school? If you are requesting a different school, please make sure a transfer is completed. 
    • New to EPISD? Students new to EPISD click here to submit an electronic transfer form. Please keep in mind that this transfer form is ONLY for students that are NEW to the district (Not currently enrolled) Currently enrolled students need to use their Parent Portal account if they need to request a transfer. 
    • Please note: students cannot complete registration forms unless they are an adult student or have been designated as an unaccompanied youth.
    • For Technical Support click here.
    • Have more questions? Call 230-2080 or click here
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Online Registration Instructions