Cyber Security

Cyber Security

  • Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to master fundamental concepts of cybersecurity by exploring challenges facing information security professionals related to ethics, system security, network security, and application security. Students will examine trends in cyber-attacks, common vulnerabilities, and the emergence of cyber terrorism. Students will develop and implement security policies to mitigate those risks.


    Computer Maintenance w/ Lab - 13027310 - HT3K10Y2 - 2 Credit Year-Long Course

    • In Computer Maintenance Lab, students will acquire knowledge of computer maintenance and creating appropriate documentation. Students will analyze the social responsibility of business and industry regarding the significant issues relating to the environment, ethics, health, safety, and diversity in society and in the workplace as related to computer maintenance. Students will apply technical skills to address the IT industry and emerging technologies.

    Foundations of Cybersecurity - 03580850 - HT1K30S1 - 1 Credit Semester-Long Course


    Cybersecurity Capstone - 03580855 - HT5K40S1 - 1 Credit Semester-Long Course


    Certification Opportunities:

    • A+ Essential Certification 
    • A+ IT Technician Certification
    • Comp TIA Network+ Certification 
    • Comp TIA Security+ Certification 
    • TBD


    Travis Hamilton