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Drone Technology


    Introduction to Aerospace and Aviation - HT3P30S1 - It is a 1 Credit Semester-Long Course 

    • The Introduction to Aerospace and Aviation course will provide the foundation for advanced exploration in the areas of professional pilot, aerospace engineering, and unmanned aircraft systems. Students will learn about the history of aviation, from Leonardo da Vinci’s ideas about flight to the Wright brothers and the space race. Along the way students will learn about the innovations and technological developments that have made today’s aviation and aerospace industries possible. The course includes engineering practices, the design process, aircraft structure, space vehicles past and present, and a look toward future space exploration.


    Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight - HT3P40S1- It is a 1 Credit Semester-Long Course 


    • The Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight course is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or continuing education in piloting UAV operations. Principles of UAV is designed to instruct students in UAV flight navigation, industry laws and regulations, and safety regulations. Students are also exposed to mission planning procedures, environmental factors, and human factors involved in the UAV industry.


    Practicum in Transportation Systems - HT5P20Y2- It is a 2 Credit Year-Long Course 


    • Practicum in Transportation Systems is designed to give students supervised practical application of knowledge and skills. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of experience such as internships, mentorships, independent study, or laboratories. The Practicum can be either school lab based or worked based.



    A student in this Program of Study may earn an industry-recognized certification.

    Program Specific Certifications


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