Phoenix Rise at EPISD 2018 Student Art Exhibition

  • Congratulations to our deserving artists! 

    The EPISD 2018 Student Art Exhibit at the International Museum is

    open to the public and admission is free!

    The exhibit will run from March 9 -March 28th

    Wednesday thru Sunday 1:00 - 5:00.

    An open reception will take place on March 9, 2018 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM. 


    Fiber Art Level 1 

    Best of Show: Jasmine Ornelas "Perplexed"

    First Place: Arhanza Estrada "What a Hoot!"

    Second Place: Maribel Yanez "Flutter"

    Third Place: Jessica Montanez "The Eye Knows"

    Honorable Mention: Itzel Montanez "Tranquility"


    Design: Embrossing  Level 2

    Third Place: Diana Valdivia "Up in Flames"


    Design: Sharpie on Fiber Level 2

    Honorable Mention: Eliza Mendoza "Koi Fish: Good Fortune"


    Photography Level 1

    First Place: Jorge Perez "Cacti Heart" 

    Second Place: Jacqueline Morales "Desert Beauty"


    Photography Level 2

    First Place: Eliza Mendoza "Reaching for the Sky"


    Printmaking: Linoleum Level 1

    Third Place: Jorge Perez "Conch Shell" 

    Honorable Mention: Jessica montanez "Happy!"


    Printmaking: Linoleum Level 2 

    Honorable Mention: Eliza Mendoza "Catching My Dream"




Print Making by Eliza Mendoza Honorable Mention
Print Making by Jessica Montanez - Honorable Mention
Stitchery by Itzel Martinez- Honorable Mention (Level 1)
Print Making by Jorge Perez - Third Place
Photography by Eliza Mendoza - First Place
Photography by Jorge Perez (Top- First Place) and Jacqueline Morales (Bottom- Second Place)
Stitchery by Jessica Montanez - 3rd Place (Level 1)
Stitchery by Maribel Yanez - Second Place
Stitchery by Arhanza Estrada - First Place
Design by Eliza Mendoza - Honorable Mention (Level 2)
Design by Diana Valdivia 3rd Place (Level 2)
Fiber by Jasmine Orneales- Best of Show