Mission Statement

    To provide nutrition education and healthy food to fuel successful learning

    Healthful food is vital for high-energy, growing kids. EPISD Food and Nutrition Services is proud to offer delicious meals that provide the essential nutrition that student needs in order to be ready to learn. We serve an average of 60,000 meals a day across El Paso ISD including breakfast, lunch, and supper meals.

    Our menus are constantly evolving, as the nutritional status of each student is a top concern. Menus are planned by a committee of Registered Dietitians with feedback from students and teachers. Please visit out Menus tab for more information.

    The Food and Nutrition Services Department is one of the largest supportive departments for students, faculty, and staff. We have over 600 employees in our cafeterias. Our department is unique, in that we have eight Registered Dietitians on staff that oversee each cafeteria operation, provide continuing education to the staff, and work on the development of menus that meet government guidelines while focusing on quality.



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