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  • The Office of Health, Wellness and Physical Education is located in Curriculum and Instruction and oversees the development of a thorough curriculum and the instruction all programs of health, physical education and staff and student wellness. The Office of Health, Wellness and Physical Education is also responsible for the management and development of AQ Zones, Action Based Learning Labs, Middle and High School Wellness Centers and other programs involving the health and wellness of students.
    A comprehensive school physical activity program plays a critical role in educating the whole child. Research supports the importance of movement in educating both mind and body through safe, engaged, supported, challenged, and healthy learners. Furthermore, physical education contributes directly to the development of physical competence and fitness.

    The healthy, physically active student is more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. In the preschool and primary years, active play may be positively related to motor abilities and cognitive development. As children grow older and enter adolescence, physical activity may enhance the development of a positive self-concept as well as the ability to pursue intellectual, social and emotional challenges. Throughout the school years, quality physical education can promote social and problem solving competencies. Quality physical education programs in our nation»s schools are essential in developing motor skills, physical fitness and understanding of concepts that foster lifelong healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, comprehensive and coordinated instruction in health helps students to make healthy choices for their lives. The EPISD Office of Health, Wellness and Physical Education programs promote health and wellness for all our students.

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