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  • Internal Audit provides independent objective assurance and advisory services designed to support the El Paso Independent School District (El Paso ISD) in accomplishing its strategic priorities, improving operations, achieving accountability, and instilling confidence among citizens and stakeholders.

    Internal Audit conforms with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards), as supported by our Quality Assurance and Improvement Program and the results of an external assessment. According to the Institute of Internal Auditor's Position Paper "Why Conformance Matters," conformance "provides a measure of confidence that the internal audit activity is operating to a strict code of ethics, defined professional standards, and that its staff is trained to specified standards of education and continued professional development."

    Independence is vital in ensuring stakeholders view our audit work and the reports we issue as credible, factual, and unbiased. The Chief Internal Auditor reports functionally and administratively to the Board of Trustees. This gives Internal Audit the organizational independence to conduct our work without interference or pressure from El Paso ISD leadership or management.  

    Internal Audit's mission is to enhance and protect El Paso ISD's organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight. Internal Audit is committed to specific values in carrying out its mission:

      • Providing excellent service to our customers, including the Board, employees, students, and the El Paso ISD community.
      • Performing our work in accordance with professional standards established by the Institute of Internal Auditors.
      • Maintaining independence, objectivity, and confidentiality in the performance of our work.
      • Adhering to the highest degree of fairness, integrity, and ethical conduct.
      • Characterizing our relationships with the Board, employees, and community of the El Paso ISD with respect, helpfulness, openness, and transparency.
      • Maintaining our professionalism as internal auditors through the continuance of our education and training.


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