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  • EPISD Bond 2016 Safety & Security Upgrades

    EPISD voters approved a $668 million dollar bond that included funding for safety and security upgrades throughout the District.  Those upgrades include the Secure Entry Systems for elementary schools in EPISD and the EPISD Police Services Communications Upgrade.

    Secure Entry Systems

    A secure entry point is essential to providing the first level of screening and monitoring access to a campus.  The system, coupled with the new Avaya Communication Manager systems, provides elementary schools with a single platform to manage and integrate all components to verify, manage, monitor and archive telephone calls, surveillance cameras, access points, fire detection and other safety controls in a streamlined manner.

    The system allows for:

    • Video surveillance entry phone linked to front offices and video interception to EPISD PD headquarters.
    • Contact locks for doors that can be triggered via remote access buttons.
    • Required ID capture via the Rapture System for on-site criminal background checks.
    • Initiation of a lockdown/lockout situation via local or remote access.
    • Automatic notification via text messaging, telephone call and public address system to the proper authorities.


    Police Services Communications Upgrades

    Bond 2016 funds were used to supplement the upgrade of the EPISD Police radio system to streamline and modernize response to calls from campuses and better engage with communication systems from other law-enforcement agencies in the region.  The upgrade consists the full replacement of radio repeaters for police officers, patrol cars and consoles from analog equipment to digital.

    The project gives EPISD Police complete interoperability with modern communication standards to ensure proper response to incidents regardless of the radio systems being used by dispatchers.  The new consoles also provide secure and encrypted communication between dispatchers and officers in the field and gives headquarters full awareness of the location of officers in case of emergencies. 

  • Budget $750,400

    *This total is based on an anticipated project schedule and adjusted for inflation. Project totals may change based on revised project schedules during the course of the five year bond.