• A Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is established on this campus and is designated as the advisory campus-level planning and decision-making committee to the Principal.

    The CIT consists of faculty, staff, business representatives,community representatives, parent representatives, and school administration. The CIT members hold monthly meetings addressing the planning, operation, supervision and evaluation of the Campus Instructional Plan (CIP) which must align to district goals.

    The CIT is involved in decision making in the areas of:
    1.Goals and Objectives
    4.Staffing Patterns
    5.Staff Development
    7.Needs of Special Populations
    8.Crime Prevention and Intervention and the School Safety
    9.Parental Involvement

    Annually, the Principal, assisted by the CIT, develops, reviews and revises the CIP for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations with respect to the academic excellence indicators and any other appropriate performance measures for special needs populations.


    See link below:

    Campus Improvement Plan