• What is the Transformation Zone?

    TEA’s Transformation Zone Program is designed to assist districts and other local educational leaders to plan and design a Transformation Zone.  Transformation Zones group multiple schools that are low-performing together, providing these campuses with autonomy over people, time, money, and academic programs, and utilize a range of interventions or actions to transform the campuses, including the redesign of schools.  

    Transformation Zone Leadership & Design Institute

    The El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) has partnered with School Empowerment Network (SEN) to transform struggling campuses by recruiting, selecting, and developing Transformation Zone Fellows who will lead the design and launch of new, small learning communities. These small learning communities will provide students with a personalized, rigorous, supportive experience and stronger post-secondary opportunities.

    Program Overview

    Transformation Zone fellows will participate in a year-long Leadership and Design Institute (LDI) that will prepare them each to design and launch a new, small learning communities on the Bowie Campus in the Fall of 2019.Transformation Zone fellows will spend the 2018-2019 school year participating in coursework and coaching to prepare them for success. Fellows will also spend time gathering input from parents, students, and other community stakeholders to inform the design of the academies.

    Transformation Zone fellow development includes; modules on school design, instructional and personal leadership, community engagement, and team building. LDI will support fellows in solidifying and operationalizing their school vision and design, identifying and building their team, and designing professional development for team training.

  • Fall 2018


    LDI Coursework & Coaching

    Fellows are on release time one full day, every other week, to participate in leadership and school design coursework.

  • 2019


    Leadership & Design Institute

    Fellows are on full release time for intensive preparation including recruiting and selecting a team, finalizing key aspects of school design, and developing training for new staff. Summer Institute for SLC leaders and respective teams.

  • SY   

    Launch & Post-Opening support

    On-going support of new small learning communities and respective team to poise school for short-term wins and long-term sustainability.

  • Application for Transformation Zone fellows, click here to apply.