What is PBIS?

  • PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support and is an alternative way to think about behavior. It is based on understanding of why problem behavior occurs. PBIS is the application of evidence based strategies and systems to assist schools in increasing academic performance and school safety, and decreasing problem behavior to establish a positive school culture. PBIS uses a collaborative team-based approach that relies on input from staff, students, families and community members. PBIS is an educative, proactive, and functional process for developing effective instructional strategies and interventions to teach and support appropriate behavior.

    PBIS Expectations
    Your child’s campus PBIS team develops PBIS Expectations.  They include between 3-5 positively stated school-wide expectations.  If you are interested in participating on the PBIS team on your child’s campus, please contact the school directly for information.

    PBIS Matrix
    A PBIS Matrix is developed to organize expectations and rules in various areas in the school.  These matrices are specifically taught to all students and posted in common areas to remind everyone of the campus expectations for behavior.