• Student Dress Code


    • Polo Shirt with Charles' logo in the following colors:
      • Hunter Green
      • Gray
      • Black
    • White polos from previous years are being phased out, but will still be allowed this school year.  We do understand that parents still have shirts from previous years, and that some of our vendors are clearing out inventory.  
    • Undershirts cannot stick out from underneath the uniform shirt at the bottom.
    • ONLY white, black or grey long sleeves (or short sleeves) can be worn underneath the school uniform shirts.



    • Tan or black jeans allowed (avoid skinny jeans - see below)
    • Slacks, joggers, Khaki pants, or docker-type may be worn - Pants must be fitted at the waist, and worn properly at the waist
    • CANNOT be excessively baggy or tight (as determined by administration)
    • No leggings or tights (to include those visible under a student's shorts); no jeggings
    • Belts are optional
    • Skorts/Shorts/Skirts must be fitted at the waist and must be black or khaki.  Length should be no shorter than at or below the middle finger tip when arm is fully extended down the side of the body. Shorts cannot be below the mid-calf.
    • Slits in shorts/skorts/skirts are prohibited. (back vent in skirts is allowed)



    • Coats, jackets, and windbreakers must be school colors of green, black, or gray.  Students can wear these items at lunch or to classes outside the building.
      • All jackets, sweaters, etc. may NOT have any promotional writing.
    • Jackets (full zipper) should be plain solid school (green, gray, black) colors.  They may have the school emblems.
    • Hoodie (pull over) sweatshirts with Charles logo may be worn but it  MUST have a school logo!!



    • Flip-flops, slides, sport sandals, heel-less footwear, slippers, etc. are prohibited.
    • Lip/nose/eyebrow/tongue piercing jewelry, dental grills and sunglasses are prohibited.
    • Caps and hats (in the building), bandannas, and stocking caps are prohibited.
    • Distracting hair to include unnatural colors (as determined by administration) is prohibited.
    • Weapon-like accessories (chains, hair picks, jewelry,etc.) are prohibited.


    P.E. WEAR

    • P.E. teachers will discuss with students – preferably a gray T-shirt; athletic shorts (warm days); sweat pants (winter); tennis shoes.
      Please write your child’s name on the tag of their shirt.  
    • Suiting out is part of a student's PE grade.  


    • School designated club tee shirts in school colors may be worn on special club days and Spirit Day (Fridays). 



    • Occasional free dress days may be awarded to students.  Students are still required to dress appropriately.
      • Students are required to follow district guidelines on "free dress" days.
      • Clothing should not be explicit.  Clothing should not have profanity, illegal drugs or paraphernalia. 
      • Clothing cannot be torn or dirty. 
      • NO tank tops, crop tops, halter tops, or spaghetti straps allowed. 
      • Oversized clothing is NOT allowed. 

    Cell Phones and Headphones/Earbuds
    Headphones/Earbuds may be used for classroom purposes ONLY & at teacher discretion.
    Students may NOT have headphones/earbuds hanging on them at any time & must be put away in their backpacks when not using for class. 

    Remind your child that cellphones must be OFF on during the school day.
    Cell phones will be confiscated if student is caught using them during school hours.
    If confiscated, phones will need to be picked up by a PARENT or GUARDIAN.
    There will be a fee of $15.  


               Places to buy Uniform:


          School Wear              El Milagro               MT Needles

       4727 Hondo Pass           9155 Dyer                9900 Dyer

            757-2118                  751-9611                  821-4340


    **Administration reserves the right to revise the uniform policy as fashions change to include attire not listed specifically above, but which is inappropriate.

    **Not following the Uniform Policy could result in disciplinary action.