EPISD District Style Guide

  • Our Identity

    At The El Paso Independent School District, when we say “I Am EPISD” it is more than just a tagline, it is our driving force. EPISD is a critical component of the fabric that is El Paso. We all share in the responsibility to make it all it can be and share in the commitment to help ensure the future. Our students, administrators and staff share a passion for making the greatest impact on our community and the world around us to benefit society now and in the future. We see examples every day of how EPISD students are changing the world in large and small ways. Together, We Are El Paso. We Are EPISD.

    Our brand communications guide helps our stakeholders in understanding the value and impact of our first class school district by sharing these stories and images in a consistent and compelling way. Presenting a unified image is key to increasing El Paso ISD’s visibility and recognition. The EPISD Office of Community Engagement maintains the official identity guidelines, which define the elements that form the foundation of the El Paso ISD brand. District staff, students and administrators should use these guidelines as a reference to maintain a consistent and effective identity in the communications and publications they produce. It includes basic rules and guidelines for formatting and the use of the approved district brand.


  • Official EPISD District Logo

    The official EPISD district logo should be used on official stationery, badges and other formal correspondence on behalf of the District.  The logo was developed by the Office of Community Engagement and features a stylized bell tower, a star in motion and the name of the school district.  The bell tower is that of Central School, the very first school in the El Paso Public Schools System – the predecessor of the El Paso Independent School District. The building, which opened in 1884, housed students in all grades – including the very first kindergarten program in Texas.  Central School closed early in the 20th century, but its legacy remains as the foundation of the commitment El Pasoans made to the education of their children. A photograph of Central School can be seen below. 

    Central School

    The official EPISD district logo celebrates the District’s history as the Keystone School District in El Paso, but it also marks the beginning of the future of education in the region and EPISD’s role in creating world-class graduates.

  • El Paso ISD Logo