Franklin Student Dress Code 2021 - 2022

  • School appropriate attire:
    •No profanity
    •No sex, drugs, gang messaging
    •No low cut tops : no midriff
    •All shoulder straps need be two inches
    •All pants, jeans worn at waist:  no revealing underwear
    •Ripped jeans are allowed below knee only
    •No pajama pants unless allowed for a special event
    •Legging may be worn when covered by a shirt or dress to the top of the thigh area
    •No short shorts
    •Shoes must be worn at all times
    •No slippers unless allowed for a special event
    •No hats of any kind in the building
    •Head covers for religious reasons are allowed
    •No bandanas are allowed as hat, belt or hanging from jean pocket

    *** Franklin administration reserves the right to prohibit other items or dress not specifically listed in the dress code based on the needs of the campus.