• El Paso ISD is committed to reaching students with excellent teaching and reaching educators with outstanding career opportunities. In partnership with the University of Texas at El Paso, Public Impact, The El Paso Community Foundation, US PREP, and Creed, El Paso ISD introduced Opportunity Culture in 2020 with full implementation of 4 campuses in 2021. El Paso ISD is excited to expand OC on more campuses in 2022.  

    Opportunity Culture provides students with the best possible educational experience from excellent teachers and teacher teams, through an innovative staffing approach that increases the reach of highly effective teaching to more students. This initiative promotes on-site professional development that utilizes Multi-Classroom Leaders (MCLs) as a lead of a team of teachers and Mentor teachers that support Year Long Residents.  Each member of the Opportunity Culture model gains access to a team-based approach and immediate support for teacher and student growth.

    In collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso, EPISD has established placements for Year Long Residents to serve a long side a Mentor teacher to gain experience through a yearlong paid internship that prepares them to be day one ready teachers. 


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