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    Casa Nissan has partnered with El Paso ISD to give a deserving teacher a brand-new Nissan Kicks. Five finalists were narrowed from a pool of more than 80 teacher nominees – one from every El Paso ISD campus – who were selected by their peers. Now it's your turn to help Casa Nissan pick who wins the car. Vote as many times as you want below. The winner of the Nissan Kicks will be announced by Green Bay Packer Aaron Jones during a live ceremony at 10 a.m. on May 20 at Casa Nissan.

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  • Amaris Vega
    Cielo Vista Elementary 

    Amaris’ devotion to her students is undeniable. During the pandemic, she took the time to meet her students after school to ensure their success. She experienced hardship as her immediate family members were victims of the Walmart shooting. She remained vigilant about the needs of her students throughout her leave. Her car was stolen and crashed a month ago and through it all she remains positive. Her devotion to students is evident by her big heart and beautiful smile that she greets them with every day. 

  • Helen M. Rivera
    Magoffin Middle 

    Helen’s story begins two years ago. Her husband was the sole provider for 10 years but when she started student teaching, her husband dropped down from his full-time job and worked four part time jobs to manage expenses. Now she’s the sole provider for a family of six. With family obligations including being the sole caregiver for her grandmother, she became overwhelmed during the pandemic almost ready to quit in the first few months. But her passion and love for teaching kept her in the game. The week before she returned for her second year, her car was flooded in a rainstorm and the family has been without a vehicle for 10 months. She relies on public transportation, Uber or rides from friends or relatives to get to and from work and to take care of my family needs. She comes in on weekend and intersession tutoring and is willing to help her students with anything but sometimes the lack of transportation hinders her ability to volunteer and demonstrate her potential as a teacher. 

  • Veronica Rodriguez
    Zavala Elementary 

    Veronica always puts her students first regardless of her health issues. She has battled breast cancer and survived. Now she is battling lung cancer along with the side effects of her medications. Her car was stolen, and she had to depend on fellow coworkers for rides to work. She was able to purchase a used car but now it has broken down. I have seen her work with her students for many years and know how much she truly cares for them. Even though the hardship of having cancer, losing her hair, and not feeling well she never came to school feeling sorry for herself. Once again, she is fighting cancer and has the financial burden of treatments on her own, and no one would ever know. 

  • Laura P. Chavez
    Clardy Elementary 

    Laura Chavez is the sole provider for her family. Her husband is a stay-at-home dad, taking care of and homeschooling their ill son who needs constant medical supervision. They currently share one vehicle, an unreliable model that is approximately 20 years old. Through it all, Ms. Chavez works tirelessly to always be prepared with her lessons for her students and makes sure that she provides them with the education that they deserve. She is a kind, loving, and caring educator that works hard for her students daily, regardless of the hardships she is going through. 

  • Gabriela Almeida
    Sunrise Mountain Elementary 

    Gabriela persisted and continued to teach virtually while caring for a newborn rather than taking maternity leave. Her perseverance and dedication did not go unnoticed. Colleagues voted her teacher of the year during the most turbulent era of education. Almeida recently suffered an accident in which her car was totaled by a negligent driver. Teachers and staff at Sunrise

    Mountain Elementary would love no more than for her commitment to education to be rewarded with a replacement for her vehicle.