Student Physicals
  • From our Athletic Trainers:


    1. Use UIL form ONLY. They are available on UIL website or football locker room
    2. Receive a physical from a US physician, nurse practitioner or chiropractor.
    3. Fill out form completely and neatly.
    4. Scan BOTH sides and save as a PDF. iPhones have scanner in the notes app. Android has a free scanner app available
    5. Email PDF to or
    6. Check email you used to send form. We will notify you if it was accepted or if there was a mistake.
    7. Fill out Rank One forms ACCURATELY, including all allergies, illnesses and medications
    8. If your name turns green on Rank One, you filled everything out and are clear. If it stays red, you are not clear or forgot to fill something out.

    Jefferson will be hosting physicals on July 27, 5:30 PM in the football locker room. Cost is $20 CASH only. Wear shorts, have your forms filled out.