El Paso ISD Department Page Guidelines & Best Practices


    Mandatory pages

    1. What we do A brief summary about what your department does and who you serve. Include programs, initiatives, etc.
    2. Our Staff Include name, title, address, email and direct phone number. Do not use the general office number or secretary’s number


    Do's and Don'ts

    1. Do Not post your vision and mission statements on your What we do page. They do not contain any practical information for your audience. Please provide a brief summary describing/explaining what your department does. Keep your audience in mind: parents, students, staff, community. Your mission, vision and core values should go on a their own tab, not as an introduction to your department.
    2. Do Not use education lingo and acronyms. If you must use an acronym, please use the full title and explain what it is. Use language that parents and the community will understand.
    3. Do not use clipart or copyrighted images
    4. Do keep your content brief and concise, friendly and conversational. Content for your webpage is all about delivering information your audience want as quickly as possible.
    5. Do have your team review and proof any content you post for spelling or grammatical errors.


    Best Practices

    • Limit vertical scrolling. Not everything belongs on the homepage
    • Use consistent image size for apps such as headlines & features
    • Hide blank sections and pages
    • Broken links should be fixed or removed
    • Use only black and district template default color on text.
    • Headshot photos should be professional (no Facebook profile photos)
    • Keep contact information current


    Optional pages

    1. Photo Gallery
    2. Calendar
    3. Links
    4. Social Media Feed