Lone Star Governance (LSG)

  • Open to all Texas School Boards and Superintendents
    Continuous Improvement for Governing Teams

    The intention of Lone Star Governance is to provide a continuous improvement framework for governing teams (Boards in collaboration with their Superintendents) that choose and commit to intensively focus on improving student outcomes.

    This workshop is open to full team of eight, Quorum of the Board, or to Superintendents and individual trustees in need of Lone Star Governance training as remaining trustees have previously completed the Lone Star Governance training.

    For questions on attendance, cost, or to be considered as an observer, please contact Monica Jaloma for registration.

Schedule & Location

  • March 22 & 23, 2024
    9 - 6 pm
    El Paso ISD Main Level Conference Room
    1014 N. Stanton
    El Paso, Texas 79902
    For questions on attendance, participation, or cost,
    please contact Mónica Jaloma at monica.jaloma@tea.texas.gov