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A Message from Diana Sayavedra

Dear El Paso ISD, 

As the season of graduations arrives, it marks a pivotal moment in the journey of our seniors, and I'm thrilled to partake in commemorating this significant milestone. Graduations symbolize both endings and beginnings, encapsulating the essence of change as we say goodbye to one academic year while eagerly embracing the next. 

As we bid a spirited farewell to the 2023-24 school year, excitement fills the air, driven by our abundant accomplishments and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. 

The Department of Connecting Languages set the stage for our celebratory spirit with their dynamic Title III Community Event. This gathering was a testament to the department's stellar achievements throughout the 2023-2024 school year! Parents, students, and El Paso ISD staff came together to revel in the accomplishments, joined by community organizations. Over 300 graduating high school seniors were lauded and adorned with cords in recognition of their candidacy for the Bilingualism and Biliteracy Performance Acknowledgement. Additionally, we celebrated El Paso ISD's Dual Language Teachers of the Year and hailed the champions of the Spanish Spelling Bee! 

In tandem with the El Paso High feeder pattern, Wiggs Middle School proudly unveiled the Wiggs Family Resource Center, a beacon of support for families in need. Open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., this center offers vital resources including food, hygiene products, toiletries, household items, and clothing. 

Our hearts swell with pride as the El Paso ISD Education Foundation awarded $81,500 in scholarships to 81 deserving students from various El Paso ISD high schools. This jubilant occasion not only celebrated the 2024 El Paso ISD Education Scholarships but also honored other esteemed scholarship recipients. 

Our free summer meals program begins on June 12 for children ages 1 to 18. These meals are provided free of charge. For a list of locations and hours, please click here. 

People often look forward to the summer months because they provide an opportunity for renewal. It offers a welcome respite from the normal routine, a perfect time for pure relaxation.  
However, summer also provides opportunities for growth. This unencumbered time can be used to read a book, or two, or even three. One may also take on a new hobby, such as photography, painting, hiking, dancing and writing, to name a few. 
And it is this combination of rest and the fulfillment brought about by personal growth that charges our batteries - that inspires us to begin the next school year with renewed energy and commitment to excel. 

Have an incredible summer and get ready to launch a great 2024-25 school year. See you on August 5! 

It Starts With Us!


Diana Sayavedra
Superintendent of Schools

June 7, 2024