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Pennsylvania federal chief justice zooms into Austin High courts course

Chief Justice in Austin   Chief Justice in Austin

(AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL -- Dec. 16, 2020) — Juan Sanchez, Chief U.S. Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Zoomed into the virtual classroom of the Austin High School courts class this week to share his story of being a child in Puerto Rico to sitting on a coveted federal bench. 

For the last month, students have been working with the U.S. Department of Justice's National Educational Outreach Program in Washington, D.C.,  in preparation for their virtual meeting with Chief Judge Sanchez. 

Sanchez left Puerto Rico at 12 years old for the South Bronx. He talked about his college experience at City College of New York and University of Pennsylvania law school then his professional experience as a federal public defender, a Pennsylvania state judge and a now as a federal judge.

“The meeting was a tremendous success,” said teacher George Quinlan.  “Chief Judge Sanchez complimented our students on the excellent questions they asked him about the law, the federal bench, educational opportunities, and perseverance.”


Story by Reneé de Santos