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Teache of The Year!

CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Beltran for being chosen as the Rusk teacher of the year!!!!!
Let me share a little history of this amazing teacher. Mrs. Beltrán has been at Rusk Elementary for 22 years. The beauty of her career ladder is that she has not only been the greatest teacher at Rusk. She started at Rusk as an amazing LPAC clerk. Time passed, and she decided to transition to a nutritional clerk. While working in the cafeteria, an AP noticed how she communicated and interacted with the students and saw in her a future teacher. While working at Rusk Elementary, she decided to go back to school and receive her degree. Then Mrs. Beltrán was hired as a 5th grade bilingual teacher. But she was not done yet. After her first year of teaching, she attended UTEP to graduate school to pursue a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.
In summary: WE HAVE THE BEST TEACHER ever.
Thank you, Mrs. Beltrán for your effort and dedication towards our students. They are lucky to have you as their teacher, and we are lucky to have you at Rusk Elementary.