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Irvin High School kicks off Day 3 of EPISD's 2021 Graduation Season

 Irvin Class of 2021  Irvin Class of 2021
 Irvin Class of 2021  Irvin Class of 2021

 Irvin Class of 2021  Irvin Class of 2021

 Irvin Class of 2021  Irvin Class of 2021

Jalen Martin  Mia Johnson

(IRVIN HIGH SCHOOL -- June 17, 2021) — Day 3 of EPISD’s 2021 Graduation Season kicked off with pomp and circumstance with the commencement ceremony of Irvin High School Wednesday morning at Bowie’s Baty-Simmang Stadium.

The 260 senior strong class of 2021 received more than $6.8 million in scholarships including three Terry Scholars. 

The Rockets were led by valedictorian Jalen Martin and salutatorian Mia Johnson, who also were elected the All Irvin Boy and Girl, respectively. 

Martin kicked off the ceremony with a motivational speech reminding students that Rockets “rise and soar,” pointing out that “each letter in the word ROCKETS embodies the true meaning of who we strive to be.”

Respect. Overcome. Confidence. Knowledge. Effort. Tough. Survivor.

“From our athletic teams going to playoffs, our academic organizations excelling, our fine arts making beautiful melodies, the Class of 2021 made it through the storm of this pandemic. We learned to do things virtually and adapted to a new way of life. We survived the mental, physical, and emotional stress and we leave here today with our heads held high,” he added. “Let’s be proud of our accomplishments. Never forget, once a Rocket, always a Rocket!” 

Johnson also focused on what was gained during her time at Irvin, especially amid a pandemic: strength, resiliency and patience.” 

“We turned our kitchen tables into labs, our messy floors into gyms, and our pajamas into first-day outfits,” Johnson said. “We have been counting down the days until our last bell ringer, our last click on Zoom, our last time waiting for Schoology to finally load.”

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Story by Reneé de Santos
Photos by Leonel Monroy