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    As Veteran’s day approaches, CCTA will remember the dedication and sacrifice of all veterans, soldiers, and their families, but CCTA will have one specific soldier in mind, our Principal, LCDR Adan Lopez. Mr. Lopez has been with EPISD for 23 years, and he became the administrator of the College Career Technology Academy and Sunland Park Academy during the summer of 2015.

    Mr. Lopez has served in the US Navy for more than 30 years. He enrolled in the US Navy under the delayed entry program in 1986 while attending Austin High School. Mr. Lopez initially served as an enlisted petty officer, but he was commissioned as a Naval Officer in 2008. His last deployment was to Kandahar, Afghanistan, he served alongside the 22nd Naval Construction Regiment out of Gulfport, Mississippi. LCDR Lopez has been tasked to serve with Joint Task Force in Guantanamo, Cuba for the next 6 months. The Joint Task Force (JTF) began operations in early 2002. The Joint Task Force Guantanamo detains individuals who were captured on the battlefield for engaging in or conspiring to engage in terrorist activities, or the U.S. government assesses as a continuing threat in our ongoing conflict.

    While LCDR Lopez serves abroad, CCTA welcomes Ms. Deborah Lunow as the Interim Principal. Ms. Lunow retired from EPISD as the Principal of Canyon Hills Middle school. She joins us after having served as Interim Principal at Bassett Middle School, and she brings 26 years of expertise and experience to the campus. CCTA is honored to have her as part of the Phoenix Team.

    Welcome Ms. Lunow!