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Stanton Elementary School students receive new pair of sneakers from epkicks

(STANTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – May 10, 2023) – Twenty-five Stanton Elementary School students received a brand-new pair of Adidas sneakers Friday morning from epkicks.

Sebastian Rumler, one of the epkicks founders, surprised the students with the shoes inside the library.

“We have a passion for shoes, and we wanted to put it into something positive – the next thing you know we’re a nonprofit,” said Rumler — the self-described “Mr. Adidas."

Ken Benckwitz, who counters as “Mr. Nike,” and Rumler, who call themselves the guys who get shoes for kids, started their nonprofit five years ago to give back to the community. Their mission is to engage the community and to inspire children to believe in their future one step at a time. They also selected shoes knowing that, often times, students are stigmatized when they don’t have new or name-brand shoes.

Fifth-grade teacher Lana Arreola, who organized the giveaway with epkicks, knows the shoes are going to make a difference for the students.

“It means the world to them,” she said. “It means they can do PE without the sole falling off or needing new shoelaces.”

It meant a lot to second-grader D’Angelo, who ripped open the box of his Adidas and quickly put them on.

“They feel good,” he said, trying them out. “They look cool. I’m going to be able to run faster.”