Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the early application deadline?

    November 30.

    When will I find out if I got in? 

    The student and parent will receive an email December 12 saying the student was either accepted or placed on the waiting list.

    What is the waiting list?
    Rather than denying students, we will place you on a waitlist and tell you what you need to do to become eligible for next year.

    How many attempts will I receive at getting in to Silva?

    You can only apply once but we will check for grades again during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th nine weeks. Keep in mind if you did not get an 85 or above during your first nine weeks, we will AVERAGE your 4 core classes with the first nine weeks.

    If I got an 80 the first nine weeks but an 85 the second nine weeks, does that mean I’m in?

    No. We will average those grades and continue doing so over the next nine weeks until you get in.

    What happens if I don’t make the grade requirement or pass by STAAR test at the end of the 8th grade?

    Unfortunately, we will have to deny you.

    What happens after I get accepted?

    You will need to let us know by January 13 if you will be attending Silva.

    And then?

    We will be in touch with you to let you know about the Opening Ceremony in May.

    I have a friend who wants to attend Silva but they may not apply until Spring 2023, is that ok?

    If we have reached 200 accepted applicants by the time they apply, they will be on the waitlist, even if they qualify. We will prioritize everyone who applied before Nov. 30, first.

    How many applicants have applied so far? 

    As of November 17, 120 freshmen (class of 2027) have applied.

    Can students transfer to Silva?

    Yes, but only during their freshmen year of high school. They cannot be a new Silva student as a junior or senior due to pre-requisite courses.

Texas Tech BSN program

  • What is the BSN program?

    You begin taking dual credit classes starting next year as a freshman and earn an associate’s degree by graduation.  You will then be eligible to apply for nursing school as all classe will be eligible for Texas Tech’s 16-month accelerated BSN program.

    So I can be a nurse 16 months after high school graduation?

    Yes! Imagine being a nurse by the time you’re 19?!

    Where can I get more info about this?

    We have a section dedicated to the BSN program here.

    How do I join this program?

    We’ll provide more info about this after you’ve committed to Silva in January or February.

    Do I need to take a test?

    Yes. You will need to take the TSI test by Summer 2023. We will provide more information about that after you’ve committed to Silva.

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