• Sun and Heat Safety Information - School Guidelines

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    Parents are encouraged to help their children stay healthy and school-ready by sending water bottles and helping protect their children from the sun/heat.


    Health officials recommended that all children and adults wear sunscreen, along with other sun protection methods such as hats, when they will be in the sun. Logan Elementary supports this recommendation and encourages students to wear sunscreen during PE and recess. Students are permitted to carry their own sunscreen and SPF lip balm and apply that prior to PE and recess. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide sunscreen and ensure that children know how and when to apply it. The school staff are not responsible for keeping up with sunscreen or applying it to any student. 

    Water bottles

    Proper hydration is an important part of preventing heat and sun-related illness. Students are permitted to have water bottles during class and PE. There is a filtered water dispenser located outside of the downstairs student restroom for easy refills. We ask that parents please not send frozen water bottles to school as the condensation during defrost causes a mess. Other drinks are not permitted – water only. 

    Dressing for Hot Weather

    Student are encouraged to wear weather appropriate clothing as it gets warmer. Please label jackets with full name so that they will not get lost when children remove them after it warms in the afternoon. The lost and found is located in the multipurpose room.

    To protect against sun exposure, children are allowed to wear sunglasses and hats when going to PE, recess, drop off/pick up. Per Dress Code, hats and sunglasses are allowed only when children are outside of the building. Flip flops are not allowed at any time. Children are encouraged to bring tennis shoes for PE if they are wearing sandals to school. Hemlines of shorts and skirts must not be above fingertips when arm are down at the child’s side. Spaghetti straps and bare midriffs are not to be worn at school. If students violate dress code, their parents will be contacted to bring a change of clothes.

    Sun Time Reminders

    • Look for a sunscreen that protects again UVA and UVB rays. The terms to look for are “broad spectrum”, “full spectrum”, and “UVA and UVB protection”.
    • Sunscreen should be applied generously to all exposed skin. Don’t forget scalp, ears, nose, back of hands, tops of feet, and lips.
    • Any change in the color of skin after time outside – whether sunburn or suntan – indicates damage from UV rays.
    • Clouds do not block UV rays, they filter them. It is still very possible to get sun damage during cooler weather and cloudy days.
    • Unprotected skin can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays in as little as 15 minutes. Yet it can take up to 12 hours for skin to show the full effect of sun exposure. So, if your child’s skin looks “a little pink” today, it may be burned tomorrow morning. To prevent further burning, get your child out of the sun.
    • Sunscreen expires. Check the bottle for an expiration date. If you do not see one, get new sunscreen each year.