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CCTE sports-medicine students place at nationals

(CENTER FOR CAREER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION -- June 7, 2021) — Students from CCTE’s Sports Medicine Program recently competed at the national level and placed among the best in the country.

Four students placed individually among the top 20 in the United States in the National Sports Medicine Competition. The students are:

  • Fourth Place: Samantha Senter, Franklin High School
  • Sixth Place Shalom Armijo, El Paso High School
  • 18th Place: Isabel Carreon, Chapin High School

Senter, Armijo and Carreon were named AACI Academic Sports Medicine All-American in their division, which identifies them as being among the best sports-medicine students in the country. 

Additionally, an EPISD team placed third in their division and sixth among all divisions. The team consists of:

  • Samantha Senter, Franklin
  • Shalom Armijo, El Paso High
  • Isabel Carreon, Chapin
  • Sebastian Ortiz, Coronado High
  • Christian Lozano, Coronado High
  • Iris Perez, Chapin
  • Morrison Ludwig, Chapin
  • Mia Hernandez, Irvin High School
  • Vivian Cazares, Bowie High School 

CTE’s sports-medicine teams are sponsored by Health Science and Sports Medicine teacher Ben Snyder.


Story by Gustavo Reveles