• 1. How is attendance taken for virtual students?

    A student is required to attend school each day for the entire period that instruction is provided per TEC §25.085. We encourage you to work with your campus administrator when situations arise that prevents the student from attending school or participating virtually. An attendance plan may be developed when the student incurs unexcused absences.

    Students who are not actively engage and do not have documented completion of minimum targeted activities will be marked absent each day. If the student misses live instruction, the student has until 11:59 p. m. to complete any activities assigned by the teacher. Assignments completed after the day of absent will not count towards a present code.


    2. What safety protocols will be in place for on-campus instruction?

    The District’s plans for staff and students are outlined here


    3. When will on-campus instruction resume?

    The District received a waiver from the Texas Education Agency to continue remote learning for all students until Oct. 19. We continue to monitor local conditions and are currently evaluating timelines.


    4. Is it mandatory to return back to school physically?

    No. Parents may choose to remain 100% virtual.


    5. Do I have to submit the survey again?

    Yes. State guidelines have changed so district options have had to shift. The deadline to submit is Sept. 9.


    6. Where is the survey submitted?



    7. Can the option be changed after we submit the survey?

    Yes, you may change your response on the survey up until Sept. 16 (one week after the survey closes) and the decision is for the duration of second quarter. Changes will be considered on a case by case basis after campuses have opened.


    8. What if conditions worsen, can I pull my student back to virtual only?



    9. How do I choose which option is best for my child?

    We encourage you to weigh your personal pros and cons. We understand every family is having a different experience through this time. We are committed to serving your child with a high-quality learning experience in either option.


    10. Why isn’t hybrid instruction an option for elementary and middle?

    TEA has mandated that Pre-K through 8th grade be available for students five days a week. After reviewing options, we can best serve our students with the two options provided. TEA accepted a waiver for hybrid in High School only.


    11. Will the students keep the same teacher they have now if we select an option to return to school physically?

    Master schedules are complex and teacher changes may happen in an effort to balance class loads. Campus administration will notify parents of any changes.


    12. Can students enrolled in virtual learning participate in sports or band?

    Yes. Remote learning students may participate in all extracurricular activities. Transportation will not be provided to campus.


    13. If a high school student is assigned Monday Tuesday, can they move to Thursday/Friday?

    This will be decided on a case by case basis.


    14. How will courses at CCTE be offered?

    CCTE will be running a hybrid schedule. Please contact CCTE administration for details and logistics.