Identification and Screening

  • The identification of gifted and talented students is conducted by a committee of professional educators at each campus. The process includes nomination, screening, and the appropriate placement of students. Qualification is based on five criteria:

    1. Standardized General Intellectual Ability Test
    2. Behavioral Characteristics Log (teacher evaluation)
    3. Student Classroom Activities (research-based creative, critical, and problem solving thinking skills activities)
    4. Parent Survey
    5. Cumulative Grade Point Average

    Gifted and talented students are reassessed in the spring semester of fifth grade for appropriate placement in middle school courses. The reassessment process involves the Evaluation of Academic Performance by the campus GT screening committee.

    The Evaluation of Academic Performance includes:

    1. Nationally normed achievement test results (Stanford 10 or Aprenda 2)
    2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (core content areas)
    3. TAKS scores (most recent)
    4. Task commitment (low, average, high)
    5. Student Interest Survey

    Students who have not been identified as gifted and talented and served in grades K-5 may be tested for the gifted and talented middle school programs. If the students qualify for gifted and talented services through the five screening criteria, the committee will review the Evaluation of Academic Performance data to determine appropriate program placement.

    Gifted Program Verification Form for Transfer Students